Street Roots

After months of reading and learning to inform my creative practice, I wanted to synthesize what I learned, and to share that synthesis. I am proud that Street Roots published an article I wrote on local responses to the financial meltdown connected to foreclosures. Check out the Dec. 24 issue! And I hope to complete a article on mortgage modifications, telling one family’s story, in the new year….

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dropcloth poem–now a broadside

I printed 200 broadsides of the dropcloth poem, and created a pdf that will be included in the final Dusie Kollektiv. Download the pdf: <a href="sand_dusie5“>

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teachers of the craft

In the hours before I was to hang my dropcloth poem for the econ salon, my mom & grandmother picked up the poem and began to embroider. As they did that, I reflected on how they taught me to embroider as a child–that any ease I find now through embroidery comes through a tradition. And my daughter added french knots to make the periods and colons and dots for each ‘i.’

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Allison Cobb extends the salon

Utterly buoying to read Allison Cobb’s always compelling thinking extend the salon–

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Images from Dec. 1 Econ Salon

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Happy Valley Project Statement / Dec 1

I launched this project after reading an article two years ago about the high foreclosure rate in Happy Valley by Ryan Frank in the Oregonian. I was also reading Mike Davis’s Planet of Slums about the the millions of people who live in impermanent dwellings across the globe. My work began to dwell on the uneven distribution of shelter.

Some of us take up so much space for our shelter. Some, so little. We dwell in a landscape of foreclosed houses, those shells of shelter, and also, shelter-less people.

My investigation zeroed on the financial speculation that puffed around the housing foreclosures. Its complexity and obscurity are its power. Thus, I doggedly read, focusing less on the over-aspiring homeowner or even the real estate flipper, and more on the leveraging that was so extreme, it could collapse the economy.

Seems like a good subject for poetry. I am interested in a poetic practice that insists on inexpert inquiry, gathering ideas and ways of knowing to open a space for more collaborative inquiry. This project brings together people with may ways of knowing and creating–video creation & installation, radio talent, economics, magic, whistling, sewing, writing, organizing …

A key format for the Happy Valley project is the Econ
Salon, gatherings around economics in cultural formats.

—Kaia Sand
Dec. 1, 2010
Field Work

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2 More Days Until the Econ Salon at Field Work

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